Perfect Your Prospecting Script Guide
The Prospecting Script Guide
No one wants to receive a salesy automated message. It doesn't work. Everyone wants to receive inbounds of clients that are ready to buy. That's fairytale land. What does work is personalized and customized outreach to your target audience. But how do you create the message that will invite your buyers to WANT to talk to you?

Introducing The 6 steps to creating a prospecting script that will land a meeting with anyone!!
Perfect Your Prospecting
Script Guide
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Hi friend, I’m Dora.

Wondering why a recovering corporate banker decided to name her business Gypsy Soul Coaching? Besides loving birkenstocks and Fleetwood Mac the name honors my first coach and biggest mentor, my mother! A true lover of life, unfiltered powerhouse and Gypsy.

Now for the “Who Me!” Before I turned thirty I was a senior vice president of a bank developing top performing sales leaders, winning cars and trips. AND miserable. Before I turned forty I was building startups and traveling all over the world. AND tired.

Today I empower and coach women entrepreneurs to break through the glass ceiling and live their dreams loving what they do. AND I LOVE IT!

Let’s uncover what you are truly capable of. I’ll guide you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable (sales and growth planning), help you commit to yourself and envision a new way of life with LOTS of money!

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