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with "The Women Who Soar Mastermind" for Consultants and Coaches!
 Are you ready for exponential growth?

 Are you ready for exponential growth?


Let’s start with nurturing the basics that are fundamental:

What's the difference between  lead generation, marketing and sales? You think you know, based on what you see “out there” but do you?

Lead Generation:
Lead Generation:
Discover the real techniques of attracting clients beyond basic lead magnets and newsletters. What is a true lead generation plan?

Lead Generation:
Your Marketing:
Your narratives – both personal and professional – hold immense power. How do you foster genuine relationships that leave a lasting impact.
Lead Generation:
Sales Skill Set:
Unlocking the art of confidently presenting and selling your specialized services. Your sales skill set is a priceless asset, are you using it?

But how do these strategies differ, and how can you select the right approach for your journey? 

Let's dive deep:

Lead Generation:
Outbound Sales:
 I’ll teach you the secrets of constructing an outbound sales strategy that will create a flywheel of clients
Lead Generation:
Inbound Marketing:
We’ll discover what marketing will do when you implement a sales and lead gen strategy
Lead Generation:
Your Ideal Clients:
You’ll gain clarity on who your dream clients are and uncover the pathways to connect with them.
The How?
The Core Four Strategies: Delve into the four foundational methods that consistently generate sales, empowering you to become a sales powerhouse.
Strategic Exploration & Execution:  
Navigate the world of research, list building, partnership cultivation, and beyond.

Messaging Mastery
Nailing the art of outbound messaging to land a meeting with anyone
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This is for you:

If you've made the transition from corporate to consultant/coach, but the disconnect between an outstanding service package and actualized sales has become a bottleneck. 

If you’re uncertain in your audience and struggling to pinpoint your ideal audience.

If you're searching for the perfect words to resonate deeply with your prospects and feeling lost amidst a sea of marketing options it’s time to embark on a sales journey

So let’s do it!

Join me on a  three-month journey that's as engaging as an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. No dull courses. No remote memberships. Just you and me, sculpting your success story, your growth plan, your sales, marketing and lead generation SOAR plan. 

Are you ready to soar higher than ever before?

This mastermind is for the recovering corporate leader who has taken a leap into consulting or coaching. 
You’ve been successful from referrals and word of mouth alone but you want to uplevel, you want to increase your income, you want to scale and you aren’t sure how. 

You might be making multiple six figures but it’s been by accident or chance!

Imagine how powerful your business would be if you had an actual growth plan, which included a sales plan, a marketing plan and an understanding of how to build your business with authentic action.

Here’s what’s inside-

Let’s get back to basics

What’s a lead gen plan?
What’s a marketing plan?
What’s a sales plan?

What's the difference between all three?
What does an outbound sales approach look like?
What does an inbound marketing approach look like?

What should I really be doing to find my clients?
Who are my clients? Do I even know how to find them?
Once I find them how do I message them, what do I say?

I’ll teach you the curriculum to grow your business. There’s ONLY 4 ways to get sales. You master these four ways and implement them weekly into your business on rinse and repeat.

We experiment strategically through research, list building, finding the right platforms, the right messaging, how to walk through the discovery call, partnerships, building your ecosystem and so much more.

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We’re going to do things that no one has ever taught you. That’s why you are here! You’ve left corporate and you are now a consultant/coach. This is you, right now. 
You’re aware there’s a HUGE gap between building an amazing consultant or coaching package and actually getting people to buy it. We’re going to stop the insanity, get you off the hamster wheel and get you into RIGHT action. 

You find yourself saying:
  • I don't know how to find my target audience?
  • I don't know what to say to them?
  • I don't really know which marketing channel is right for me?
  • There's so many people doing so many different things, what should I choose?
  • I'm not really sure where to start when it comes to sales?
  • I need the skill set, the education but I also gotta  get into RIGHT action.
This fast action taking, momentum building, income achieving mastermind is for you if you’re ready to commit to yourself, your  business and your buyers. 

We spend three months TOGETHER. No course, no signing into a membership or watching a program  to learn the strategy. We do it TOGETHER. 

I’m only providing my SALES MASTERMIND through application followed by a  1-1 consult to qualify.