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About the Workshop
You know you need to make sales in order to run your business and quit your 9-5.

The problem? Sales can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s why so many entrepreneurs throw money into marketing — even when it’s not converting.

But here’s the good news: there’s a better way. Let me teach you the proven process I’ve used to develop top-performing sales leaders for over 20 years.

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Inside The Sales & Lead Gen 4 Course Masterclass you'll get the following:

Class One-
Belief. Mindset. The difference between sales & marketing. Sometimes you find yourself so passionate about what you sell but you can’t clearly define WHY it’s a no brainer for your buyers to stop what they are doing and buy it now. I help you dissect what you sell so you can clearly share the problems you solve with your audience.

Class Two -
The sales formula. The process. This requires a formula for all your lead generating activities research and design thinking that pairs well with gaining awareness of how you can stand out. Knowing who your audience is AND knowing how they tick. When you walk away from working with me you will literally create lists of your ideal clients that you are ready to reach out too.

Class Three-
Build your weekly sales plan, having a formal sales process. What are the income generating activities that you are doing every week to directly sell to your audience? This requires knowing what the right activities are that work for your revenue model and industry. There’s 4 specific activities that I teach and know will make you a ton of money. Doing the wrong activities, to the wrong audience with the wrong volume will NOT grow your business. This is a crucial step for the growth of your business and something I work with you 1-1 and arm & arm. It’s game changing!

Class Four-
Master the art of the discovery call. Selling via content, dm, social media will happen one day but if you want to hit your income goals TODAY you must learn the skill of profiling your buyer. I will teach you exactly what to say and how to walk an ideal client down the pathway to a yes, while genuinely ensuring it’s the right decision for them. Pitching ONLY if you can solve their problem.

Going beyond the Workshop. Schedule a strategy call -
Overcome your barrier…which 99% of the time is you. Inventory what is standing in the way from you living your purpose and creating your highest earning potential. When we put pen to paper and share it with someone we trust we become self aware, have freedom and can tap into the required mindset shift that is ever evolving and changing. 
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Hi friend, I’m Dora.

Wondering why a recovering corporate banker decided to name her business Gypsy Soul Coaching? Besides loving birkenstocks and Fleetwood Mac the name honors my first coach and biggest mentor, my mother! A true lover of life, unfiltered powerhouse and Gypsy.

Now for the “Who Me!” Before I turned thirty I was a senior vice president of a bank developing top performing sales leaders, winning cars and trips. AND miserable. Before I turned forty I was building startups and traveling all over the world. AND tired.

Today I empower and coach women entrepreneurs to break through the glass ceiling and live their dreams loving what they do. AND I LOVE IT!

Let’s uncover what you are truly capable of. I’ll guide you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable (sales and growth planning), help you commit to yourself and envision a new way of life with LOTS of money!

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