How to Host a Non-salesy Sales Conversation Workshop FREE
About the Workshop
 How you think about and define a sales conversation limits you from actually having a sales conversation. What would it look like if you took the word sales out of the conversation and just HAVE the conversation. What would that ACTUALLY look like?

Every conversation is an opportunity. Knowing this, you could be missing opportunities each and every day. Stop creating an expectation out of the title of the conversation and start leveraging the opportunities.Whether it’s a coffee chat, a discovery call or a consultation, it’s all just a conversation. A conversation is an opportunity. A conversation creates trust. A conversation can open doors. A conversation can build relationships. A conversation can result in a sale. 

I’ve been training top performing sales leaders the art of a conversation and relationship building for over two decades. This is my genius and I’m handing it over to you inside the How to Host a Non-salesy Sales Conversation Workshop. 

Inside you will receive a step by step guide on how to walk through every conversation no matter what the title of the “call” is. 

From setting an agenda to how to actually pitch your offer. It’s all inside and it’s FREE

It’s only free from today until April 10th so grab it before you lose this amazing value. 

This guide will help you go from no meetings to selling your offers on a steady stream. 

Over and over again I receive messages about how using this guide has immediately increased income because of simply putting the steps into play!

Simple, effective and proven. It’s yours for free. 
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Now for the “Who Me!” Before I turned thirty I was a senior vice president of a bank developing top performing sales leaders, winning cars and trips. AND miserable. Before I turned forty I was building startups and traveling all over the world. AND tired.

Today I empower and coach women entrepreneurs to break through the glass ceiling and live their dreams loving what they do. AND I LOVE IT!

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