About Dora Rankin - Gypsy Soul Coaching
Hey friend, I’m Dora 

I’m a business coach with over 20 years of experience helping female entrepreneurs secure capital, build amazing teams, and surpass their million-dollar revenue milestones. 

I’m on a mission to help women achieve economic empowerment through entrepreneurship — without selling their souls in the process. 
You’re meant for more…
More income, more joy, more impact
When you have the right support, you can soar. I’ve coached hundreds of women through the process of achieving their most ambitious business goals, including: 

  • Breaking past revenue plateaus and crossing the 7-figure mark 
  • Ditching busy work so they could start working in their zone of genius 
  • Hiring and training incredible teams so they finally take time off 
  • Implementing powerful sales strategies and closing their dream clients 

My story 
Like most entrepreneurs, my story hasn’t always been picture-perfect. After going to rehab at 17 and later becoming a single mom, I felt like I had no choice but to join the corporate world. 

I found a job in corporate banking and worked my way up the ladder. By the time I was 27, I had become a VP, was coaching sales teams, and driving tons of revenue for the business. I had finally achieved what I always wanted: financial security, success… and yet, something was missing. 

The high-pressure corporate environment, combined with my responsibilities as the mom of two young daughters and full-time caretaker for my sick mom, meant that I was having panic attacks almost daily. 

Ultimately, after 23 in the banking world, I was laid off in 2017. And while it shattered my world at the moment, like many people, losing my job turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I found a new job in the start-up world, which opened my eyes to entrepreneurship and the struggles women face when raising capital. After some time there, however, my sister helped me realize my true passion: what I really wanted was to help women live their purpose and create economic power as business owners — and that’s what I get to do every day now. 

Though my story has been messy at times, it’s shown me when women are economically empowered, they can change their lives completely. Money gives you choices, and the truth is, real power comes from having those choices. 

If you’re ready to overcome the obstacles standing in your way and build a thriving, wildly successful business, I would be thrilled to support you. 

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"Dora is a phenomenal business coach. I hired her not because I needed sales tactics (I teach sales at the University of Winnipeg), and have been in corporate sales for 15 years. I hired her because I wanted insight into my business which I didn't have. When we are inside the glass it is hard to see the outside walls. I knew my business was doing well but the ups and downs rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship was starting to burn me out. When I started with Dora I had my lowest month in business ever, shortly after I was able to reach my highest month ever. I've onboarded approximately 5 new team members, promoted my team, and have a full roster of dream clients. I took Dora's advice and implemented it and my business is doing better than ever! If you are looking for a business coach, Dora is your gal!"

Natalie Suppes - S&S Creative, LLC
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"Working with Dora has been a game-changer for my business. Her ability to see the roadmap to success for me the way I haven’t been has been amazing. The suggestions, support, and training she provides are worth more than I could ever express. Having her in my corner encouraging me, letting me borrow her confidence when needed, and keeping me accountable, has helped us to celebrate more wins together in the last 6 months than I achieved in the previous entire year. There is no way I would be where I am today without her."

Sarah Dickinson - The Nerdy Quill
What life looks like today
My family and I are avid campers are avid campers, glamping all over the US with our three dogs, running away on weekend rendezvous with my husband, planning a wedding for my oldest daughter, being a parent groupie to my youngest who is a musician and spending most of my time celebrating women escaping out of the corporate dungeon and supporting them to soar as women entrepreneurs. 
I’ve also been so grateful for my own business’s success over the years: 

  • HelloSeven Coaching Certification: In January 2023, I went to Rachel Rodger’s first-ever in-person entrepreneurship summit. There, Rachel announced a coaching certification for a limited group of women, and I was honored to be accepted. I’ll be graduating in October 2023, certified to help even more women from marginalized communities earn millions of dollars as business owners. 
  • Certified in Empower Women’s Leadership by Cornell
  • Hundreds of women served: I’ve helped women across industries implement sales strategies, massively increase revenue, and build the businesses they’ve always wanted. 
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The Women Who Soar Podcast with Dora Rankin is designed to uplift and support female entrepreneurs in their journey to achieve remarkable success. Hosted by the charismatic and insightful Dora Rankin, this podcast provides a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and practical guidance to help women entrepreneurs soar to new heights in their businesses.