Gypsy Soul Coaching
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their purpose + own their

economic power!
You deserve the life you dream of!

Let’s uncover what you are truly capable of. I’ll guide you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable (sales and growth planning), help you commit to yourself and envision a new way of life with LOTS of money!

$100k months without a funnel or a launch?
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Women Who Soar Coaching
Women Who Soar 1-1 Coaching

Do you want to truly live your purpose and create your highest earnings potential? Is a messy money mindset blocking you? Limited beliefs, lack of knowing how or where to begin holding you back? Continuing to settle or stay stuck in a job or a business you can't seem to grow? Waking up on the daily hamster wheel, doing all the things, working harder, and still not yielding the results? Get ready to unlock your full potential and earn the income that's beyond your dreams. You're capable!

“When I hired Dora I had a course framework that I wanted to market but wasn’t sure how and was lost on how to prioritize my time and efforts. Not having a roadmap to market and sell the course made me super anxious and I just sat in analysis paralysis.Working with Dora helped me with my mindset, and she suggested that before I launch the course I could start coaching 1:1 to A. Test my materials from the course with actual creatives and see where I could make improvements and B. Start building experience and income immediately! With Dora’s coaching I got my first 6 fuck yes’s of coaching clients within 1 month of working with her! And, I absolutely LOVE working 1:1 with clients!! I finally found work that is truly in my zone of genius! Now I have a roadmap to build my audience, generate leads, and prep to launch my course with much more confidence! Plus I generated thousands within the first couple months of working with Dora!”
— Natalie Mertz, founder Natalie Mertz Creative

 Women Who Soar Cohorts
3-4 women small group

We spend six months building out your business growth strategy to include your sales and lead generation plan so you can create a scalable business that's YOURS

“Working with Dora has been a total game changer for me with my business. Before working with Dora, I was floundering around, trying this and that with no real strategy, goals, or ideas on how to grow my business. My sessions with Dora have been invaluable in creating clarity, vision and goals as well as viable and executable strategies. Most importantly, my mindset has shifted to where I now have the belief that I can and will succeed and the confidence to know that I can make my nutrition and wellness coaching business into a full-time sustainable career and finally let go of my Corporate job. I am now at a place where I am able to start stepping down my day-job and start coaching more - something I never really believed would happen just 6 months ago. Dora is a pillar in my support and growth system!

— Shannon Vitale, founder of Vitale Holistic Health & Nutrition

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Hi friend, I’m Dora.

Wondering why a recovering corporate banker decided to name her business Gypsy Soul Coaching? Besides loving birkenstocks and Fleetwood Mac the name honors my first coach and biggest mentor, my mother! A true lover of life, unfiltered powerhouse and Gypsy.

Now for the “Who Me!” Before I turned thirty I was a senior vice president of a bank developing top performing sales leaders, winning cars and trips. AND miserable. Before I turned forty I was building startups and traveling all over the world. AND tired.

Today I empower and coach women entrepreneurs to break through the glass ceiling and live their dreams loving what they do. AND I LOVE IT!

Let’s uncover what you are truly capable of. I’ll guide you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable (sales and growth planning), help you commit to yourself and envision a new way of life with LOTS of money!

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